About Kalahgraphy

Hello, I’m Kalah of Kalahgraphy (pronounced kayla - graphy)!

I create invitations, greeting cards, calligraphy, and more for weddings, parties, milestones, and special occasions. Custom engraving is my latest venture!

My business started in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Stuck inside with too much time on my hands, I began expanding on my passion for design and aesthetics. I quickly decided to go all-in on calligraphy, from brush pens to pointed pen, and modern calligraphy to copperplate. Next came stationery design and more!

After more than two years of perfecting my craft, and while sitting on the crossroads of calligraphy and stationery design, I realized that the combination of the two is where my business feels best.

Thank you for for visiting my store and I can't wait to discuss your special occasion in more detail!